Intuitive Eating

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Before you eat, stop and look. What is your food? Whats it made out of? Where did it come from? With so many options in the western world, we tend to be fuelled by greed rather than using food to feed our souls. It’s easy to overlook the process from product to plate. From seed to plant.

I’ve been attempting a new change recently- intuitive eating! I eat what I know is good for me. I eat what will sustain me, and I’ve ended up a lot happier after each meal because of it. Using your intuition with food doesn’t just mean making good food choices, but also knowing how much you should eat.

We have an abundance of options. Perhaps, too many. 

Options lead to greed, greed leads to unhappiness. Eat an amount that gives you energy, not an amount that makes you want to lay on the couch all afternoon in a food coma (we’ve all been there). Making the switch to a vegan diet for me has been extremely motivating in eating more intuitively. I feel more in touch with what i should be eating and not what I just crave. The better you eat, the more addictive it is.

Your intuition tells you that an apple is delicious, and it tells you that a piglet is not. I think humans ignore this very natural knowingness. We know that we don’t look at an animal and want to take a bite- it would be weird! But when we see fruit hanging from a tree, we reach for it. Use this intuition.

Eat intuitively.