Tackling My Inner Hoarder

A journey through mountains of dresses and piles of shirts

This blog is all about change, and the biggest thing I need to change is my ridiculous clothing obsession. I have clothing that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. I have stained shirts, moth eaten jumpers and too-tight skirts. I sometimes wonder if i’m the only one with the impulsive buying issue? My sister is able to walk past a ‘Sale’ sign without a second glance, whereas I’d already be lining up at the changing room. 

As the year came to an end I guilt-tripped myself by watching the ‘minimalism’ documentary, I decided a change was well due! 

Here I am sifting through a basket of skirts, dreading throwing anything away. The smile is fake I tell you, fake!

I might look happy here, but trust me this experience was a bit exhausting and intimidating. 

First step was my tops. I sorted them into categories- shirts, long sleeve, tanks, crops. Simple enough. The hard part was saying goodbye. I’ve always applied meaning to everything in my life, so although chucking away a worn out top might seem easy- it really wasn’t. I also tend to convince myself that everything i own will become useful someday. Like this old top will somehow complete an amazing outfit this year. Its beyond ridiculous.

Dresses were the toughest part. Ive managed to collect a multitude of dresses over the years, some I’d forgotten I even owned until this clean out happened. I love dresses. No, like, I really love dresses. Dumping the massive pile of dresses on the living room floor, I gave my mum a pained look as if to say “please stop me”. She simply said, “Oh my god!” A fair response to a tower of dresses.

After all the sorting of clothes was done, I’d managed to chuck out a few large garbage bags worth of clothes.

One of my dogs, not impressed with the amount of clothes I own.

Eventually I was able to pack away clothes in big garbage bags to donate. I ended up with about 6 of these, and some of them exploded. But, I’m pretty happy with how its gone. Wether this new ‘Marie Kondo’ kick holds up is to be revealed.

Stay tuned for more life changing adventures. Remember, nobody’s perfect, but we can always work on bettering ourselves.